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Position openings:

There are open positions for PhD or Master's students with financial support, starting Fall 2024 to work in the field of nanotechnology, AI, and food safety. Please contact Dr. Lin at for more details. January 6, 2024).

Recent News:

Congratulations to Jung Mun (Journey) Yang on successful defending her Master's thesis (6/29/2023)!

Congratulations to Kairui (Jason) Zhai on successful defending his Master's thesis (6/21/2023)!

Congratulations to Sara Asgari on successful defending her PhD dissertation (2/4/2022)!

Congratulations to Ezgi Pulatsu on successful defending her PhD dissertation (11/13/2021)!

Congratulations to Asgari for being placed at the first place in the 37th Annual Research & Creative Activities Forum (RCAF) at University of Missouri Graduate Professional Council (GPC) conference (Nove 13-14, 2020).

Congratulations to Ava Lin on successful defending her Master's thesis (11/12/2020)!

Highly Cited Paper:

Our paper, “Synthesis of Polyhedral Gold Nanostars as Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrates for Measurement of Thiram in Peach Juice”, was listed as one of Analyst’s highest citing papers, accroding to the 2021 Journals Citation Report (JCR) released by Clarivate Analytics.

Our paper, "Soy protein-based films incorporated with cellulose nanocrystals and pine needle extract for active packaging. Ind. Crops. Prod. 2018, 112, 412-419", was placed by Web of Science in the top 1% of the academic field of Agricultural Sciences (9/2/2019).


Current lab members: 3 Ph.D. and 1 Master's students.

Completed / former lab members: 12 Ph.D. and 12 Master's students.

Lin Group alumni:

PhD students: Sara Asgari (2022), Ezgi Pulatsu (2021*), Zhilong Yu (2019*), Fouad Alsammarraie (2019*), Trang Nguyen (2016*), Zhong Zhang (2014*), Xuesong Song (2013), Bin Liu (2012), Cui Fan (2012), Lili He (2009), Dhanasettakorn Khwankaew (2008*) 

(* co-advised with other faculty).

Shared web links:

I would like to recommend an article on Chinese culture and religion written by my middle school teacher, Mr. Liu Cheng Dong. Here is the web link of the article (